Farm Energy Programme 2010-2016 for Finnish farms

Farm Energy Programme 2010-2016 for Finnish farms

A national energy programme for Finnish farms, drawn up by an expert group led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, was launched in January 2010. The programme helps farms to reshape their energy use so as to reduce both costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

This voluntary programme encourages long-term improvements in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

Depending on the scale of their energy use, farms joining the programme may conduct energy audits or energy plans, or prepare their own in-house control plans.

Farm-specific energy plans

To draw up energy plans, farmers should compile information on their energy use and then invite an expert energy planner to visit the farm for consultation.

Specially trained energy planners approved by the Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) assess farms’ energy use together with farmers to identify and prioritise potential energy-saving measures.

Farms should then work to carry out the measures included in their energy plans, and be prepared to report, as necessary, on the measures they have taken and the trends in their energy use.

Subsidies for farms joining the programme

Farms joining the programme will be able to receive government subsidies to help finance their initial investments in preparing their energy plans. Such subsidies cover the costs incurred in connection with energy planners’ farm visits and preparation of the plan.

Energy audits for large farms

The programme will include guidelines for energy audits to be conducted for larger farms. These guidelines are planned to be in place by the end of 2011. Energy audits will assess in greater detail the potential for energy efficiency improvements and the increased use of renewable energy sources on individual farms, with experts from various fields involved in the energy auditing process. Audits will include assessments of the cost-effectiveness of proposed measures.

Working to meet national and international targets

The Farm Energy Programme aims to help meet national climate and energy targets set to fulfil Finland’s international obligations. It is hoped that Finland’s goals in this context can be effectively achieved through this voluntary programme, with no need for new legislative controls.

Number of joined farms is 397 (updated 6.2.2014).


Farm Energy Programme – Presentation (PDF)

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